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      I see. I am sorry. Let it alone, he said.Yes; and theyll be sold! Youll be safe in camp by that time.

      He bit his lip, and looked at her. Did she know how poor he was? But a glance at her face showed him that she spoke quite innocently.

      The Dogs Ear men grinned discreetly, and with sidelong glances at the shining revolvers of their captors.

      Ask her if shell come quietly, said Simon, or well settle her off-hand.

      Tired? Why should I be tired? I havent done anything except ride in a cab, and I never lie down till I go to bed. Is it far, this place? How many miles?It is ever so long, she said.

      Good gracious! What has she done?


      She looked at him curiously, with her steel-blue eyes dwindling to points.


      Yes, I am; but if the gentleman comes, Ill tell him that Im too hot.


      It is a pity you didnt kill me outright, Mr. Howard, he said, bitterly. It would have been more merciful.